Tarot Kit for Beginners

Tarot Kit for Beginners

More and more people are drawn to the Tarot for its captivating artwork and uncanny ability to guide us toward personal insight. Yet, newcomers often feel intimidated by this historic divination tool. Llewellyn's Tarot Kit for Beginners is designed for those who wish to embark on the exhilarating journey of Tarot reading.

Packed with wisdom and knowledge acquired by accomplished Tarot practitioner Janet Berres, the enclosed guidebook also explains the basics, such as choosing decks, deciphering card meanings, and working with spreads. Readers will learn the history of Tarot, the traditional structure of the deck, and the truth behind common Tarot myths. This kit also includes Lo Scarabeo's Universal Tarot, an ideal deck for beginners.

  • Paperback: 216 pages
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (February 1, 2005)
  • ISBN-10: 0738705063
  • ISBN-13: 978-0738705064

Excerpt | Keeping a Tarot Journal (Chapter 1)

One of the most effective ways I've found for people to get more in touch with their tarot cards is to keep a tarot journal. The first step is to shuffle the deck at night, pull three cards, and place them face down, from right to left. The cards are left in that position until the next evening, when they are then turned face up and studied. The reason you don't look at the cards beforehand is that you don't want to influence your expectations for the day. Also, if they are difficult cards, you might be upset without cause.

The first card represents the events of the morning, the second card represents the afternoon's events, and the third card represents the evening's events. By studying what cards come up and reviewing the day's events, you can see a connection to each card and perhaps gain some meanings that you alone will associate with a particular card.

For example, one evening, on looking at the day's cards, I had the 4 of Swords for the morning card, the Sun card in the afternoon, and the Knight of Pentacles in the evening. That day I awoke very sick and had to spend the morning in bed (the 4 of Swords can be meditating and resting). In the afternoon I received a phone call from a friend I had not talked to in at least a year! (The Sun represents happy feelings, and is, in my opinion, the card in the deck that offsets negative cards.) I was also starting to feel much better in the afternoon. That evening a dark-haired man with brown eyes dropped over to see me-the Knight of Pentacles (no, he wasn't my knight in shining armor, only a friend).

By this example you can see that the practice of associating the seventy-eight cards with actual events in your life can go a long way toward getting the cards to communicate to you, and will make you a more effective and accurate reader. Numbers and the Cards Numerology is probably one of the oldest forms of divination. Ever since people began to count and order things, they gave numbers special powers. Some were considered lucky, while others (such as the number thirteen) are still looked upon unfavorably.

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Textbook of the Tarot

This book is now out of print, but can be found occasionally at used book stores, on Ebay or at Half-Priced Books. It was the forerunner of Your Guide To The Tarot , which is included in Llewellyn's Tarot Kit For Beginners.

Textbook of the Tarot

Using the Rider-Waite Tarot deck as guide, Berres defines the meaning of each card in a clear, concise way. She explains how to transform the tarot into a useful tool for everyday life.

  • Paperback: 106 pages
  • Publisher: International Tarot Society; 2 edition (February 1998)
  • ISBN-10: 0966063406
  • ISBN-13: 978-0966063400

Excerpt | VIII of Swords (pg. 61)

In the 8 of Swords card, a woman tied in ropes is surrounded by eight swords; the swords do not completely encircle her, nor are the ropes tight.

When this card comes up you are feeling trapped in a situation, whether in reality you are or not. There are restrictions through a person or an idea and the responsibilities can lay heavy. The querent has to remember that the reflective period this card brings can be most liberating - the looking inward unites the conscious and subconscious mind.

Healthwise, this is a good card to lose weight with, or to go on a restricted diet. It can also mean having tests done in a hospital or an overnight stay in one. Near the legal card (Justice) this card could mean having legal restrictions on you. Most times, whatever these restrictions are, they are self imposed and can be changed through one's own efforts.

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