The 2nd World Tarot Congress Banquet

Janet Barres and Karl Johnson

Fools on stage

More fools

And even more fools, including Stuart Kaplan of U.S. Games

Stuart Kaplan up close, singing "What kind of fool am I?..."

Every Singing Magician should have a back up group!

Doesn't every woman want to be the High Priestess?

Closeup of a High Priestess card...this doesn't look comfortable!

Christine Payne-Towler giving it her all as the Hierophant

Laurie and Frank Amato...
as Strength!

A whole group of strengths

Hermits, including the lighted lamp!

Gary Ross as Justice, he fought the law... but the law won

Three very different visions of death

Brian Williams and Arnell Ando's husband Michael as Devils

Bobbie Bensaid, Amy Zerner and Kim Danbert dancing with the Devils

More dancing! Choreagraphed even! Bobbie Bensaid , Amy Zerner and Kim Danbert

Looks like too much fun, everyone has to join in now!

Stars Holly Voley and Richard M. Novosak

Everyone wants to be a star!

Caitlin Matthews

Ruth Ann Brauser co-founder of the Tarot School New York

Stephanie O'Hara singing an Irish song

Here comes the sun, doo-un-doo-oo!

More suns!

Don Lewis and Joy Fry as Suns.

Goddess love me yes I know... 'cause my coven tells me so... Jesus's not the one for me, he is not my cup of tea...

Yes, Goddess love me! Yes Goddess love me! Yes Goddess love me! My coven tells me so!

Alan Salmi's famous
Lo Pan, Lo Pan, Lo Pan...

James Wells

Norma Cowie, Kim Danbert and Caitlin Matthews performing Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Monte Farber as keeper of the words)

A magician hamming it up for the camera

Everyone entering the stage...

"I'd like to teach the WORLD to sing..."

I personally don't remember the harmony being quite perfect...